Brand new details from contribution and you may personal control was closely associated

Brand new details from contribution and you may personal control was closely associated

Porto Alegre, Rio Bonne carry out Sul?s money city from inside the south Brazil, enjoys a good consolidated society away from well-known involvement within the administration.

Porto Alegre, Rio Bonne do Sul?s financial support urban area within the southern Brazil, has a beneficial consolidated society out-of prominent involvement within its administration. Created for the 1772, which town of over one million somebody are a cosmopolitan and you will multicultural region named certainly participatory democracy, and thus advice and conclusion have to be available to group.

The need for effective public-service is yet another choosing factor to help you size also to declaration efficiency and expenses. Thus, the population gets the proper not just to prefer their representatives, and also to keep track of cautiously, throughout the identity, just how it delegated fuel is actually worked out.

Participatory Finances

Contribution, for the a more structured trend, occurred in Porto Alegre into implementation of the newest participatory funds (PB) in the 1989. Since that time, the population felt like the usage information could well be work with because of the new municipal management.

Annually, this process begins with preparatory conferences, if earlier year’s accounts and the resource plan for the newest approaching year was showed. Through the 17 local assemblies and 6 thematic1 meetings, the populace elects priorities, chooses its administrators, and you will decides how many representatives to own regional forums and you will thematic dialogue organizations. Leggi tutto